Two CX 2400 GTi's for sale together or seperately (fuel injection, 5 speed trans.). One is a 1978 model which I believe to be a private import from the UK. The other (1979 model) is one of the six imported for competition in the 79/80 round Australia rally, but which didn't actually get used for the race.


The '78 is an unfinished project, has a very good 5 speed g'box, new steering rack and control unit (less than 1000km use), original GTi mag wheels in good condition, good radiator, recently spent $500 on cylinder head repairs, new injector seals, new plugs, starts first-time every time, full set of nice tailor-made seat covers, good spheres all round, good brakes, nice and tight front end (all balljoints, bushes). The paint's quite decent, but there are few spots where it's evident that rust is preparing to mount an assault on the surface. The only remaining problems are cracked longerons and a misalignment in the front anti-roll bar/suspension (possibly cracked or bent). I have new longerons and a front anti-roll bar to put on, but no longer the time or space to finish the job! Which really sucks. (that situation sound familiar to anyone out there?)

This car is an original CX GTi. Simple, fast, light (for a CX anyway - devoid of all those weight-adding things of later models). It's come a long way with the work I've done to it, and just needs a bit more to be a satisfying going concern.

The other car ('79 model) I got with the idea of using it for parts, but have barely touched it, so it's still 99% complete as when I first got it. The only thing that slows it down is that the two cars have to share one EFI ECU (one went and died) and it's got a dud battery. The only other things I can say about it are that it's got some bad rust, has front and rear air-con, straight body, drives quite nicely, has a good 5 speed g'box, a really out there ceiling-mounted stereo, wind-up front windows (for the rally???), an oversize (extra thick) radiator, and electric door mirrors on both front doors.

I don't want to get rid of them, but I have to. Together or seperately. I will consider ALL offers - they have to go.

They're both white, both driveable,
Nambour, Queensland.

email: [email protected]
phone or sms: 0404 150 884