504 Clearance (Wife Declared War)
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    Icon9 504 Clearance (Wife Declared War)

    504 GL Diesel - Good Goer - New Reconditioned Motor Bump/Dent L.H.
    (manual) Fender at light. No Real Rust. Need Leak of Paint

    504 GL Diesel - Good For Parts for above Car... Motor O.K. but Shoots
    (manual) Oil Throu' dip stick tube (Catch in Bottle and Re Use)
    No Real Rust. Panels O.K.


    504 Petrol - Rough - Motor O.K. use for parts or Re-work and Use

    504 Petrol (Auto) - Transmisson leak otherwise not Bad

    PEFER TO SELL ALL FOUR IN ONE LOT..... For more Details please call Bob on
    (07) 46 223 799

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    Bob, even though I'm not a pugophile, please don't sell them to the Arabs for export to Egypt etc.
    Craig K
    2009 C5 HDi Exclusive

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