2 X GS Wagons need good homes
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    Icon6 2 X GS Wagons need good homes

    I am the proud owner of 2 GS wagons..One white 74 model, motor goes hard, so hard i drove it into a gutter once and now it lies awaiting a new front end which i have sitting under the house..all it needs to get back on track...Body needs a good paint job otherwise reasonably straight (cough)..

    The Green wagon is my newest edition, hasnt been thrashed by me yet..since i got a new car bought for me by my father (he hated me drivin the old wagons)..so i only got to drive this baby for a few days before having to drive my new boring echo...Its a 76 model with a lovely ride, extremely smooth and a well looked after motor. It needs rego only, and is driveable as soon as u buy it and register it...i love it dearly and would love to keep it, but i cant afford to register 2 cars at the moment...it would go to a kind owner who appreciates the green appeal...very kermit green...

    I would like to sell them both together for i have a mega amount of spare parts for the vehicles, wheels, guards etc...so it would be suitable for a GS Wagon freak such as myself...price for both is $2300 in the trading post..but you guys gimmie an offer..i wont part cheaply..and i will not be insulted by cheap offers under 1K..for both cars...
    HOpe i have luck selling them for they will rust away in no time if someone doesnt SAVE THEM>>>>>>>


    Phone me on 0413 555 858 or email me - [email protected]
    if youre interested in purchasing these fine specimens of french machinery....Sofija...
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