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    Icon2 Before posting advertisments

    For Sale/Wanted" ads are just that...'Cars advertised for Sale/Wanted' not the basis for a debate.

    Any member wishing to find out more about the vehicles being advertised are advised to contact the vendor directly through the contact details supplied by the Vendor. Either by phone, e-mail or via a personal message.

    For Sale/Wanted threads are locked and no replies are possible. However the topic starter can update, add to and/or edit their ad.

    This has been done in an attempt to keep these ads more on topic and to assist owners in getting a successful sale of their vehicles in the shortest possible time.

    Any potential vendor/client requiring an opinion or advice on the value of a car is advised to post such a request on the General Discussion forum, or marque specific forums.

    We ask also, that when a vehicle is sold or withdrawn from sale that a post to that effect is made, or the thread deleted.


    Please state in the ‘Topic Title’ whether your ad is a ‘For Sale’ F/S or ‘Wanted to Buy’ WTB.

    F/S [Car Make – Model – Year – Location]
    WTB [Car Make – Model – Year – Location]

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