Up for sale due to my father passing away. Brisbane based and garaged
He owned it for years, spent money keeping it sweet and it still points, corners and stops exactly like it should.
Straight body.
Box and engine are not going to let you down, suspension is good and I don't know if it was tweaked by dad or the Battersby that owned it before him but that and the Yokohama Cdrives let you drive it with confidence.

Quite frankly it is not perfect. Minor dents in bonnet and some rash on rims. Faded interior although complete, passenger window is not working and the AC is toast but it is probably lack of gas from a leak. Hood lining sagging.


It's too good to wreck, too much fun not to drive and is currently registered in QLD.
If you are after one before the prices go up and don't mind spending a bit of money for daily drive comfort or want a great track day car. Get in touch.

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