Hi all,

A relative has the above R12 that literally is a barn find...well when I say “find” they always knew it was there... !


Here are the stats:

Parked about 10 years ago and ran well when parked. Shed has slowly collapsed onto front corner of roof. Doesn’t look to have dented it.

Body rusty, front floor has water and mouldy carpet.

Complete and straight. Good bumpers, many good spares.

It will go to scrap unless someone wants it for $100.

Located 25km from Geelong. IMG_1560685782.684938.jpgIMG_1560685797.674225.jpgIMG_1560685810.512549.jpgIMG_1560685822.501421.jpgIMG_1560685835.374723.jpgIMG_1560685846.396787.jpg

Ph me Ed on 0432232709 if interested.

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