Queue up here!!!

Our 1979 Virage wagon is being replaced by a BX wagon after 11 years of pretty reliable motoring.

I've come to realise that the Renault 12 is a much better car than people realise.

Ours is quite endearing and answers to "Lulu". She also needs paint in the next year or three but is otherwise pretty tidy, straight as a die, essentially no rust and is complete with everything working (except for an airconditioner leak) as far as I know. She drives well (they all do of course) and comes with a few assorted bits and pieces.

She has travelled a bit over 200,000 km and is mechanically original except for a clutch, a starter motor overhaul and a water pump a year or two ago. Driveshafts are fine I think. Uses little or no oil. Gearbox is fine of course.

She's had new front suspension ball joints.

She's precious to us but we can't accomodate yet another French car. She's of course worth a fortune but we'll settle for less. Offers?

We're in no rush to sell but it would be good if she found a new home in July.


Prospective owners of good character are welcome!!