1992 Peugeot 205SI
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Thread: 1992 Peugeot 205SI

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    Default 1992 Peugeot 205SI

    Hi all,

    With the return of my other car, I no longer have the space to keep the little 205. I'm looking to go back to the UK for a while and only have 1 garage space in Australia.

    It's the XU5BDY 1.6/BE3 5 speed combination

    It has been in my family since new, and deserves to go to a loving home where it will get used, rather than just rotting away in the garage letting the battery slowly go flat. Comes with the full service history right down to the original books and service stamps. I think the delivery docket is there, will check.

    It has just ticked over 200,000km's. It has always been run on 98 or 95 octane.


    It's completely stock, right down to the stock radio and stock wheels.

    Last September/October the following work was done:

    Head rebuilt to fix smokey valve stems (Phillip Head Services, Canberra)
    New service items that go along with such work (timing belt/waterpump/headgasket/plugs/leads/thermostat/oil etc)
    New exhaust midpipe
    New O2 sensor (OEM)
    New coolant temp sensor (OEM)
    New coolant hoses (mixture of BakerBM and OEM Peugeot)
    New thermostat housing (BakerBM)
    New fuel hoses (OEM Peugeot)
    New vacuum hoses
    New brake vacuum hose
    New rear engine mount (OEM)
    New wiper blades
    Brake fluid replaced and new rear brake shoes
    AC regassed (works well)
    New lower control arms with bushes (cheaper than having new bushes pressed in)

    Have all receipts for this work.

    Absolutely no running issues whatsoever. Comes with both original Peugeot keys.

    It has completed about 5000km's since this work was completed, however has not been driven in about 3 months now. It has been started and kept on a trickle charger, but that's not as good as a good solid drive.

    The bad:
    I repainted the roof and rear hatch using rattle cans about a year ago (they were badly faded, car has never been in an accident) and it looks better than it did, but it definitely doesn't look good

    The rest of the paint, especially on the bonnet, ranges from faded badly to OK. The whole thing needs a respray if you want it looking good.

    The interior, although complete, has the normal cracked dash surround, faded seat tops and worn bolster. The fabric is complete though and there is no rips or tears in the seat - so better than most from what I have seen

    The headlight indicator bulb in the dash doesn't work. Headlights work fine, just turning them on the dash light doesn't illuminate. I haven't pulled the cluster out to remedy due to fear of even more broken plastic

    Trip meter reset switch doesn't work, but the trip meter/odometer do keep counting.

    Central locking is intermittent. 60% of the time, it works every time.

    Drivers door pod (down the bottom) isn't secure. Doesn't affect power window operation.

    Radio reception is really bad. It works perfectly for some radio stations and not for others (Triple J for some reason, regardless if you're in Sydney, Canberra or Melbourne is always crystal clear, but Triple M can never be picked up? It's bizarre)

    I'll probably think of more good and bad as time goes on.

    It's currently unregistered, however will be putting 3 months registration on it for the buyer. If you're in the ACT, car will come with a roadworthy certificate. If you're outside of the ACT it won't because there is no point.

    I'm after $2300, to price people out who just want a cheap car. There are way better options out there for the money if that's what you're after.


    zero four two four six six four six five six
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    Ugh, typo straight for the get go - Car was built in April 1991 and first registered November 1991, it's not a '92, it's a '91.

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