Hi there
2years later after my original post I'm back and this time Im definitely will try to complete the sell of my Renault12 this time due to personal reasons as well as health I will listen to all series offers

BELOW IS My Original Post
whichI will complete with photos and follow up with answers to all questions
and some more photos if needed

Hi there
I have 71 Renault 12 and about 12 years ago I started torestore but thinks have changed and I was very busy.
Till this day I didnít touch it, unfortunately now it is bit to late,health issue, lack of space and time prevent me from doing so.
I have plenty of new parts, among other things there are 4 new doors, 2guards, drive shafts ,bearings, brake discs, recondition gearbox,plus plenty more new & second hand parts, way to much to listall, and it is a lot of it.
Engine done 20.000 miles since total rebuild some ears ago.
I would like to sell the lot.
Happy to unswear any question and show all of it if some one will be interested in it,
buy-the-way Im living inUpper Hunter. Muswellbrook NSW

Cheers Greg


PS: I would like to apologies to every one that I previously didn't answer to all inquiries
so now I will try to post photos and follow trough with answering all questions

Hope the link will work but if any one have problem with it please let me know

I'm also would like to say that I do not want to separate, start to putting /striping a part this car and mailing around parts as I have no room for that or time to do so
Cheers Greg