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Thread: New member looking for a 504

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    Default New member looking for a 504

    Hello there Aussie Frogs community.

    A new year wish - Iím finally going to get the 504 Iíve wanted since I was a teenager. To make it interesting I possess very little mechanical knowledge.

    The desire own one of these super stylish little beauties has been simmering away since I first was them on the road in the Ď70s.

    Iíve had a look at the few advertised on the major car and second hand websites and Iím still looking. Many of these are somewhat overpriced for whatís on offer.

    If you have any ideas, tips or indeed cars which fit the bill I would be most grateful.

    Iím looking for a 504 petrol, manual sedan and am looking to pay whatís fair. Iím not able to work on the car myself so it needs to be roadworthy. Iíve also had advice to avoid the fuel injected Ti but am keeping an open mind.

    It doesnít matter where it is; if itís worthwhile.


    Iím hoping my long dreamed for Pug is out there. Iím in Melbourne but am willing to travel.

    I hope you can help. Thanks everyone and au revoir.


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