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    Default Free car

    I am moving house very soon and I won't be on 3 acres anymore so I need to get rid of my 604.
    I have very regretfully decided to offer it to anyone here free without the Dunlop alloys or $200 with the alloys. There are 5 alloys.
    Naturally I would prefer it to go to someone who at lest intends to get it back on the road someday, it doesn't have much wrong with it. I just don't have the time, money or space to do it myself, and won't for qutie a while. In a few years I may again look for a straight 604 to do up, but that is a few years away.
    One consolation is that the new place has a proper garage with a level concrete floor so I can set up a spray booth and say goodbye to insects and dust in my paint jobs.

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    I would love to give you 604 a new home but first i need to work out how to get it from Tassie to South Austrlia. Never been to Tassie mite be time for a holiday. That's if you want to give the 604 to me, you can contact me on 0419 849613.
    Regards Garry

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