1989 R25 GTX Manual B29 for sale
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    Default 1989 R25 GTX Manual B29 for sale

    It is with a heavy heart that I must move on one of my favourite Renault s.

    About four years ago I rescued this great old classic from an owner that didn't appreciate how great these R25s are. I have used it as a very enjoyable commute from Newcastle to The Hunter Wine region twice a week. I spent a great deal of time getting it to a safe and reliable state for my own use.

    My circumstances have changed and the car is sitting covered on the drive of my mothers house in Singleton.
    It is now unregistered and will require a blue slip or safety inspection for Historic plates. Id love to see it go to a good home soon as It has been on the drive for a year now. I start and move it back and forth every week and there are some issues that will need attention.


    As you can see in the Pix there is some rust in the Left Hand A pillar which was pretty normal for these cars. This is at the stage where some talented body work person could fix easily but left for too much longer will render the vehicle scrap. R25s where notorious for Digital Dash inconsistencies, and this car is no different, most of the time the dash works fine but occasionally there is no one home on initial start up and then you look down and hey presto open for business. The Fuel Gauge is accurate and the Kilometres are genuine. It should probably have a timing belt soon.

    The Good -
    New European manufactured Drive shafts ( not reconditioned)
    New Allinqaint french single acting front shocks
    New front wheel bearings
    New Thermostat
    New Alternator
    New LED Parking lights Front
    New Headlight Globes
    New battery
    New Serpentine Belt for power steering
    New High Tension Leads
    New Gearbox Selector rod and connector bushes
    Stainless Steel Mid Muffler ( Irreplaceable Quality, Quiet Ride)
    Gearbox has no bearing noise and is a true experience to shift ( love the 80s Gear knob)
    Brakes are at 70% front and back, strong and halt the car on a dime
    Must have had new rotors as they have very little wear
    Alternate CD sound system with Tweeters replaced by Renault scenic units (direct fit) Old OEM Cassette unit
    available if wanted FOC.
    Computer still speaks ( occasionally uninvited but thats what its about)
    Very straight panels doors roof bonnet and hatch
    Parts are readily available for these cars. I also have a lot of Old New parts and second hand bits as I am doing
    up another R25.
    Central locking works but no remote I use the key
    Electric windows working
    Front Seats still supportive and Soooo comfortable
    Rear Seats palatial and remarkable condition see pix

    The Bad
    Oil leek at back RH of head ( caused by blockage in rocker gear filter, Common problem caused by poor
    maintenance history) so rear engine area is a little oily
    Should have timing belt and water pump done soon (can fix above at same time)
    Air con doesn't work but compressor is good
    Suspect Radiator Leek but untested as uses a little water ( I have a spare available but new on Ebay cheap)
    Paint on Horizontal surfaces is cactus (Citroen term ) see pix
    Both rear window winder mechanisms have gone to god ( common problem )
    Drivers seat cover will need a little care in the future
    Will need new tyres soon about 20%

    So people if you want a comfortable easy to repair classic this is it as I have done most of the really sh!!t jobs.
    Just needs a loving doting new owner

    Make me an offer it has to go IMG_9570 small 25.JPG
    IMG_9571 small 25.JPGIMG_9579 small 25.JPGIMG_9582 small 25.JPGIMG_9587 small 25.JPGIMG_9588 small 25.JPGIMG_9589 small 25.JPGIMG_9592 small 25.JPGIMG_9593 small 25.JPGIMG_9593 small 25.JPGIMG_9594 small 25.JPGIMG_9595 small 25.JPGIMG_9597 small 25.JPGIMG_9599s small 25.JPG

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    Sold SOLD SOLD

    Off to Sydney
    We may see it again at Silverwater for the All French Car Day in July 2019

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