1923 or so 5CV ducktail Citroen FOR SALE
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    Default 1923 or so 5CV ducktail Citroen FOR SALE

    1923 or so 5CV ducktail Cloverleaf Citroen FOR SALE.

    I haven't seen the car but it must be similar to the pic I have inserted. He is after about $12,000.
    I think it is in pretty good nick, being an older restoration. It is a smaller car than the A and B2 of the time with an engine of about 825cc.

    His name is Damian


    [email protected]

    The CitroŽn Type C was a light car made by the French CitroŽn car company between 1922 and 1926 with almost 83,000 units being made. Known as CitroŽn 5HP or 5CV in France and 7.5HP in Britain.
    The first colour in which it was made was yellow,(a pale “ grapefruit “ yellow) which earned it the first nickname “ petite citron "(little lemon). It was also nicknamed "Cul de poule " (hen's bottom) , "boat deck CitroŽn" referring to the tapered rear of the little car's body and also “Trefle “ ( clover leaf ) referring to the shape of the three-seat version.
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