F/S - Citroen CX25 GTi 1985 - Melbourne
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Thread: F/S - Citroen CX25 GTi 1985 - Melbourne

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    Default F/S - Citroen CX25 GTi 1985 - Melbourne

    CX25 GTI sedan.

    Runs, but not very well. Is in relatively good condition.

    South African delivered car, imported to Australia in 1988/1989. Has leather interior with metal (non-glass) sun roof, rear A/C, electric windows.

    - Car is complete
    - Straight body (2 rust spots, see below)
    - Hydraulics work, raises and lowers as it should
    - Mechanic advised engine and transmission are good
    - Large supply of spare parts (about 4-6 plastic tubs worth)

    - Has a fault, engine splutters at 1500 revs. Is OK when cold, but once it warms up, it splutters and won't rev above. It runs very rich. I've replaced the air flow meter, and tried other things, but cannot resolve
    - Dash has been pulled apart to fix earlier electricall problem
    - 2 small rust bubbles. One on roof (larger) one on rear window sill
    - Front seats quite worn

    I've had the car for 4 years, and haven't been able to get it going. It's been stored at my parents house in Melbourne, and it really needs to be gone. It's perfect for someone that knows what they're doing, and has the time. Sadly I have no idea, nor the time.



    0412 994 188

    F/S - Citroen CX25 GTi 1985 - Melbourne-20180512_113730.jpgF/S - Citroen CX25 GTi 1985 - Melbourne-20180512_113740.jpgF/S - Citroen CX25 GTi 1985 - Melbourne-20180512_113819.jpgF/S - Citroen CX25 GTi 1985 - Melbourne-863.jpg
    F/S - Citroen CX25 GTi 1985 - Melbourne-849.jpgF/S - Citroen CX25 GTi 1985 - Melbourne-856.jpgF/S - Citroen CX25 GTi 1985 - Melbourne-858.jpgF/S - Citroen CX25 GTi 1985 - Melbourne-859.jpg
    F/S - Citroen CX25 GTi 1985 - Melbourne-20171225_185112.jpgF/S - Citroen CX25 GTi 1985 - Melbourne-20171225_185219.jpgF/S - Citroen CX25 GTi 1985 - Melbourne-20171225_185250.jpgF/S - Citroen CX25 GTi 1985 - Melbourne-20180617_140939.jpg
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    Car is 3spd Auto.

    Photo's of the two rust bubbles attached.

    F/S - Citroen CX25 GTi 1985 - Melbourne-20181104_195752.jpgF/S - Citroen CX25 GTi 1985 - Melbourne-20181104_195758.jpgF/S - Citroen CX25 GTi 1985 - Melbourne-20181104_195815.jpgF/S - Citroen CX25 GTi 1985 - Melbourne-20181104_195827.jpg

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    have a look at the fuel pressure regulator (just put a fuel pressure sensor in the fuel line).... I've had one die in the past leading to massive overfueling. However I'm pretty sure if you unplug all of the plugs across the back of the head and give them a really good clean ..... and pull apart the big plugs under cover under the spare wheel ............. and clean the earth point above the battery. You will fix all of your issues in about 1hour for $0.00 ....

    I have had a CX2500 GTi turn up at my place barely running. 1 hour fixed all of its issues. It would randomly drop back to 2 cylinders (cleaned the wiring plugs on the coils), it was running so incredibly rich, it would cut out (cleaning the wiring plugs across the back of the head fixed that ).

    You see the connectors onto the temperture sender are so poor (ie: very high resistance) the computer thinks the motor is at minus 40degrees celcius, so it pours fuel into the motor so it will run.

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