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    For sale is my 306 gti6 phase 3

    For anyone who knows these cars I wont need to explain how much of a classic they are.
    These are a Super rare car now in Australia in arguably the rarest and best colour Astor grey.


    Good points:

    Very low 166,000kms

    11 months rego
    Serviced 3 weeks ago aswel as new radiator, thermostat, thermostat housing, full coolant change and new front pads and rotors.
    Window tints less than 6 months old.

    Pretty much full service history from new.
    Logbook prior to 2012 and documentation there after.
    Original Peugeot folder with Manuel.

    I have the vehicle history report which is less than a year old showing no insurance write offs, thefts etc.


    very good for 20 year old car bit of wear to drivers seat bolsters and steering wheel is worn.
    Seats are phase 2 (no side airbags)
    Door cards re-trimmed last month.

    Bad points:
    Driver side rear quarter panel has small dent and 5 cent coin size paint chip. (Was quoted $250 to fix from a mobile repair guy) and door has been resprayed which in certain lights is slightly different paint match. Passenger rear quarter has a scratch (most of it will come out after a detail)

    Roof has small patch of clear coat fading and a small paint bubble on spoiler.

    Rear bumper right hand corner has had a small DIY scratch repair done (actually a very good repair just a slightly different colour match but not noticeable unless your actually looking for it hence why Ive not re painted it. (see photo)

    Other than that just a few minor marks you would expect from a car this age.

    A/c not blowing cold- not sure why probably just needs re gassing

    Passenger door mechanism is faulty ($30 on eBay)

    Value of these are only going to go up as they become harder and harder to find in anything more than ok condition.

    Selling as Im moving to an apartment which does not accommodate for 3 cars so this has to go.

    Location - Sydney


    0412205450 - Craig

    F/S 306 gti6-img_1539584372.054388.jpgF/S 306 gti6-img_1539584385.238054.jpgF/S 306 gti6-img_1539584396.455625.jpgF/S 306 gti6-img_1539584438.323724.jpgF/S 306 gti6-img_1539584449.808463.jpgF/S 306 gti6-img_1539584460.575484.jpgF/S 306 gti6-img_1539584471.376532.jpgF/S 306 gti6-img_1539584485.078287.jpgF/S 306 gti6-img_1539584497.295260.jpgF/S 306 gti6-img_1539584532.865595.jpg

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