WTS: Dauphine Gordini project

Bought this project years ago but it got put on the back burner and now its time to throw in the towel!
Two shells, one better than the other. The better is half primed, has suspension set up, brake lines run and is quite straight. As far as we can tell, all the chassis is prepped and done, its just prime, paint and assemble.
Will come with an immense amount of spares, badges of different styles, plenty of 3 stud wheels, 2 windscreens and a rear window, pearled steering wheel and a complete leather interior made up.

Has a complete engine and many mechanical spares, the whole engine shown was overhauled before we got it but probably needs going over again. Also comes with a
block and crank.


What isn't pictured is underneath the bonnets of both cars, they're full of spare parts!

Price $3500
Located in Warrandyte, Vic

Probably best to send me a text or phone call as I dont think I'll be checking this account a lot!
Contact: James on 0420 303 123 or [email protected] (note the "h" after "james" in the email)
FS: Two Dauphine Gordinis - Project-38829148_2192011234147169_6981534537251553280_o.jpg
FS: Two Dauphine Gordinis - Project-38834065_2192010394147253_8108819665536417792_n.jpg
FS: Two Dauphine Gordinis - Project-38860538_2192011130813846_1982770118895075328_n.jpg
FS: Two Dauphine Gordinis - Project-38860577_2192010697480556_3867358891721359360_o.jpg
FS: Two Dauphine Gordinis - Project-38862615_2192010600813899_4697652756679229440_o.jpg
FS: Two Dauphine Gordinis - Project-38894242_2192010580813901_9216074114324758528_o.jpg
FS: Two Dauphine Gordinis - Project-38907503_2192010860813873_3404543729984339968_o.jpg
FS: Two Dauphine Gordinis - Project-38920962_2192011040813855_9198041831571456_n.jpg
FS: Two Dauphine Gordinis - Project-38928905_2192010937480532_2216046452918976512_o.jpg