With great reluctance I'm looking at selling the family heirloom. She just doesn't get the care and attention with me that she deserves.

'Geraldine' is still registered but has not actually been driven for many years. When there was a disposable income involved she had a new floor plate, all new panel work and was upgraded to 12v. I know her history (I'm the 3rd registered owner) and have most of her service records from when she was being driven.

The cons are: no windscreen wipers; needs new tyres & rims due to sitting for such a long time; CV joints are toast; needs new seals on doors; and probably other mechanical stuff that I am useless at.

I have no idea what she is worth but would ideally like her to go to an enthusiast who will appreciate her rather than being used for parts.

Please let me know if you are interested or what would be a fair price.