I thought Iíd put it out there and see if anyone was interested in my 205 Mi16.

Along with the car comes a list of parts shown in the pics.


Note: The pic of the car is not current, the only difference is it has a cracked RHF headlamp now. Itís not showroom but presents well.

Doesnít need a great deal to make it 100% again. I would love to sell it that way but Iím very time poor at the moment and have to let it go.

Happy to chat it through if your interested.

Price $ Fair price of what it is worth.


0403 three six one 865E.O.I - For sale 1988 Series 1 205 GTi (Mi16)-img_1533710599.945023.jpgE.O.I - For sale 1988 Series 1 205 GTi (Mi16)-img_1533710670.751321.jpg

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