Ive now got to move house and more cars need to go. I had the BX to match this car but alas they mostly have to go.

This 405 I have had for sale before. It had a suspected head gasket issue. Turned out to be a dud radiator. It has now had all the work required for the next owner to enjoy. This car needs for nothing at all. Just get in and drive. These are very hard to find in this condition. Most are well and truly flogged.

Timing belt, Tensioners, Water pump
Accessories belt and tensioner
Oil, oul filter, plugs, air filter, fuel filter
New Front wishbone bushes
New Strut top bushes
Rear beam inspected, re greased
New thermostat
New radiator
New driveshaft seals and fresh oil and 2 boots
Fresh coolant
New tyres
New front brake rotors and pads
New fuel lines

Comes with 12 months rego


$8000 Negotiable. Car is at my fathers in Mittagong and can be inspected anytime. 93 405 Mi16-220a3a8a-f3f0-407b-ba0f-b9123f92d7f7.jpg93 405 Mi16-8294062e-66b0-444d-8b4c-56cb7c9fb38f.jpg93 405 Mi16-ec2e3b70-b19d-4c04-ba42-1cf266b19b59.jpg93 405 Mi16-e1a76f28-ccd4-4ea8-9e4d-3a2e62a20afc.jpg93 405 Mi16-e413fa3a-dcaa-4233-92d6-17783050563f.jpg93 405 Mi16-26d440fa-e024-4e34-98d5-f4d1160a01bd.jpg93 405 Mi16-1086b945-a8d4-47a2-b5a3-e81c5aef9123.jpg