I am selling my 2005 407 Sportswagon V6 Auto.

This car has been sitting in the driveway for a couple of years and I just havenít had time to do anything with it, now a house move means that it has to go.

The car is straight and rust free. I bought it with about 70,000km on it, it now has 140,000. It hasnít been crashed or damaged in the time that I have driven it (or at all from what I can see). There are a few paint scuffs but no dings or dents. The leather interior is in very good condition. The car needs a good clean inside and out, but itís straight and complete.


Up to the time that stopped driving it, all services were done on time and by the book by an independent Peugeot workshop.

The car hasnít been started for a long time, Iím going to put some fuel and a battery in it this weekend and see what happens Ė Iíll need to start it to get it out of the driveway.

This car has some known issues:
- There is a computer fault that makes starting intermittent. This was never fixed as the best that Peugeot could offer me was a new computer for $4K and there was no guarantee that it would work. The workaround was a separate starter button that is wired directly to the starter.
- The transmission didnít always change smoothly. I had the fluid changed but it made little difference, so not sure if it is solenoids or electronics.
- One of the coil packs was failing so sometimes it was a V5.
- The discs are rusty from storage and will need to be skimmed.

This car is sold as-is and itís a doer-upper. It is unregistered and will need to be towed/trailered. If you have a bit of time and the skills it is potentially a good car again.

The car needs to be gone by 22nd August, if it hasnít been sold by then it will have to go as a scrapper, obviously I would rather it meets a better fate than that.

I will consider any reasonable offer. Please PM me any questions or if you would like to chat. Iíve done a couple of quick photos for this post but Iím happy to take and email more.

The car is located in Sydney inner west.

Thanks Froggers!
John Wiltshire

2005 Peugeot 407 Sportswagon V6 Auto-wp_20180722_15_26_08_pro.jpg2005 Peugeot 407 Sportswagon V6 Auto-wp_20180722_15_27_21_pro.jpg2005 Peugeot 407 Sportswagon V6 Auto-wp_20180722_15_27_30_pro.jpg