I bought this a while ago but haven't used it (gotta stop doing this!), so it's for for sale. Needs the following to run - battery, accelerator cable/manifold pulley. The car has no rego. 232km. Silver colour.



The Good: I drove it home and it ran well. The engine appears strong and steering/suspension were fine. Interior is quite good (if a little faded) though it has some cracks on the dash.

The bad: The gearbox has a synchro issue, can't recall if its 2nd or 3rd gear (may come good with fresh oil but probably needs repair). The lower tensioning pulley (?) was pilfered (like the accel. cable), and is an early version so hard to find. I have a new accessory belt which bypasses it (and also the aircon pulley) which will solve the problem. The paint is pretty crappy on top panels like most of them. Has some rust on the creaseline of the RHF guard but none obvious elsewhere.