I have a BX TRI which is an excellent daily drive. Also a TZ I which awaits a head job. (forgive me) but in the garage is a 16 valve which is for sale. I've had it for sale a while back - people came, looked, kicked tyres and that was all.
I need to get rid of it, I like BXs, a very underrated car, but the valver is too much of a good thing basically too brutal.
Now some details - body excellent, interior very good except for drivers seat. Engine good, cam belt replaced before going off road. Needed a crank position sensor and I never completed the job.
Price $500 firm.
I'm in TRARALGON Victoria you would need a trailer to move it.
If at all interested write to : [email protected] I can provide photographs and more details.
If no takers I take off all useable bits eg, lights, switches, spheres etc. and it goes to Simsmetal.