[ACT, Canberra] Registered 1982 Peugeot 505 GR FREE TO GOOD HOME!!!
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Thread: [ACT, Canberra] Registered 1982 Peugeot 505 GR FREE TO GOOD HOME!!!

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    Default [ACT, Canberra] Registered 1982 Peugeot 505 GR FREE TO GOOD HOME!!!

    Hello fellow frog enthusiasts,

    I have a bright red 1982 peugeot 505 GR that has been sitting by the side of my parent's house for a number of years. Unfortunately the time has come and my parents are keen to get rid of it to free up some backyard space, to us this car has some sentimental value but we are realistic about its resale value (or lack thereof) this is why we have decided to give the car away along with a number of spares such as a bonnet, boot and couple of doors that came off another 505 many moons ago. My father and i got it running on the weekend, the hard line from the fuel tank appears to be clogged so i had to jury rig a bottle as a petrol tank but the thing runs flawlessly! idled perfectly and we let it run for a while and there didnt seem to be any cooling system issues. unfortunately i did break off the little return line nipple from the fuel pump so the car will have to leave my house on a trailer but once that is fixed (i can organise a replacement at your expense) and a new set of tyres is installed (tires are quite dry from sitting deflated) i'd say that there wouldnt be much more to do before you had a nice reliable car, it also has a fresh 3 months rego put on a few days ago!!
    I would much rather see it go to a good home with someone who will give the good old girl a few more years of service, she still has a lot of life in her and it would be a real shame to see her get crushed into a cube when she is still good for a few more road trips and whatnot. Car is located in Canberra.

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