Hi All


I'm parting company with my 2003 206XRS runabout as my big feet won't both fit on the 206 pedals, and to make room for another 306 that does.
Rego til July 26th
Located In Toongabbie, Sydney
1.6 16valve manual.
I bought it with broken timing belt and bent valves and rebuilt the engine in July 2016.

It starts, it runs, it turns, it stops.
$500 ONO
3 months rego

Has intermittent drop in power when trying to take off on way to coffee shop in the morning. I suspect it is retarding ignition timing and/or not opening the Die By Wire throttle. I just press in the clutch and let it rev out and try again. Have too many projects to bother to figure out why. Could be as simple as a faulty input signal wire.
Single ignition keyfob with the rubberry bits missing so unable to remote lock/unlock.
Indicator stalk has apparently got some metal filing dust in it which when in the auto mode makes the lights go crazy and indicators to not work. I simply turn the park lights on whenever I drive and everything works as it should.

Send me a PM or call Alex on 04 1575 8511

F/S Sydney 2003 206XRS Manual 0-20180429_093239_resized_1.jpg

F/S Sydney 2003 206XRS Manual 0-20180429_093157_resized_1.jpgF/S Sydney 2003 206XRS Manual 0-20180429_093135_resized_1.jpg