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Thread: Gti6 for sale

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    Default Gti6 for sale

    Nope not mine! But I was checking out of curiousity, and this cat found a bargain that could just be too good to be true?? But if there's nothing wrong with it, it's a bloody bargain, I've seen well maintained S16's with double the kms go for close to that price!

    Advertisement!cs_content.private_vehicle?vehicle_id=124376&curr ent_rec=6&total_rec=7&sort_type=&make_id=11&model_ id=13&keyword=gti&state_id=-1&search_distance=25

    Vehicle 1997 PEUGEOT 306 N5 GTi 6
    Price $16,000
    Kilometres 62,000
    Body 3 door Hatchback
    Colour Black
    Transmission 6 speed Manual
    Engine 4 cylinder Petrol Multi-point injected 2.0L (1998cc)
    Reg Plate AFC60Z
    Reg Expiry SEP-2004
    RWC No
    Brief Comments Superb drivers car priced to sell quickly
    Seller Details
    Name Malcolm
    Location Lindfield, New South Wales. 2070
    Mobile Phone 0410544713
    Home Phone 02 94161149
    Work Phone 02 92560400
    Fax Number 02 94161149
    Take the long way home....

    - 306 gti6

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    Quote Originally Posted by jastanis
    RWC No
    How do these work in NSW .. is this an issue for any future owners ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XTC206
    How do these work in NSW .. is this an issue for any future owners ?

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    In NSW it's called a 'Pink Slip', and is not required to sell a car, but is required to re-register any car over 3 years old. New cars up to 3 years old can run around with bald tyres and leaky engines (like most Commondores) and are perfectly 'legal'.
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