I really don't want to sell as I absolutely love the car but I've really no choice at the moment. Perhaps I'll buy another in the future.

Black. I'm the second owner. Almost 130k on the clock. Timing belt replaced at about 100kms, alternator recently replaced, fairly new tires.

- Car runs & idles rough and takes more than one attempt to start sometimes. Also stalls occasionally when at very low revs, like when coming to a stop or reversing. Power is lacking. I'm no mechanic but I'm sure these issues are connected. Mechanic told me ages ago that the spark plugs and spark plug leads will need to be replaced soon, so perhaps it's that?


- Someone reversed into the door panel on the drivers side a few months ago and I couldn't afford to fix it, so there's a decent sized shallow dent with minimal damage to the paint on that panel. As a result the window only goes about half way down as the dent interferes with the mechanism.

- The clear coat on the rear of the car, below the boot is peeling off.

- The steering wheel has deteriorated on the right side. The buttons on the radio & aircon also have some paint that's been chipped off. These issues have been this way since I purchased it from the previous owner.

- Significant scuffing on a few of the wheels.

- Never bothered to reset the radio when the alternator was replaced.

I don't expect a massive amount for the car as I realise it has quite a few issues, I'm hoping for ~$2K or so. Open to offers. Located in Brisbane, QLD.