031-HSU , full registration until May 18. Located Gayndah QLD. Not driving it enough and too many projects on the go, so sadly out she goes.
Car UK import, purchased in Sydney 2000 in poor condition. Drove to Adelaide ( and that's a story), did a huge amount of work on body ( lower A frame, rear hatch replaced), seats ( re rubberred and upholstered) and engine /transmission ( trans replaced), new wheels, electronc ignition, up to 2003. Hood and Interior v good condition. All lights in v good condition Registered in SA. Since trailered to Qld base. Since then nearly 15 years of happy weekend driving other than a gearbox change,( jumped out of 2nd). Trailered to Woodend Vic for several years and driven back to Gayndah where its lived the last 4 years.
Paint is original Vert Jade except for two doors that I repaired that look better. Sliding window rubbers average. a few minor rust spots in doors and chassis , easily repaired if a repaint is considered by buyer. Needs a couple of new tyres and wiper blades and whatever else my be found for the RWC. Will service engine and gearbox. Factory Service manual and some spares including the gearbox
I am open to sensible offers for this treasure.
1981 Dyane 6 For Sale-citroen-dyane-friends-2-9-13.jpg