CITRÖEN 2CV6 Spécial Red in Brisbane
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    Default CITRÖEN 2CV6 Spécial Red in Brisbane

    This car came from England. 1987 Model.
    Registerd in Queensland. It is in good condition. Drives well. Has electronic ignition.
    Has 3125 Miles on the clock, so that would be 103125 Miles i guess.
    Has kind of Bullbar in front and back, has never been used.
    Tyres are OK. Chassie has heavie duty metal bolted on on bottom.
    Side Covers has been removed for Summer driving for more air movment, can be put back on
    in Winter.
    Lots of spare Parts & Books like CV Joints etc.etc.
    I was thinking $12000 but it needs new upholstery and the roof is in fair condition.
    So the asking price is:$ 10700-e10de68b-d5f0-415e-a1f1-1a2508f0cc1d.jpg-43492390-34e7-4915-adfa-9dcc5c548c11.jpg

    ps: I do not know how to spell check & turn pic around sorry!!!
    I have more photos if you like ican send them to yoo
    Cheers Peter
    [email protected]

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