Hi All,

It's with much bemusement and sadness that I must entertain the sale of my 205 GTI.

UK Import
No air, no steer
140000 miles on the body, but the engine has been redone.
Located Melbourne.

Advertised by the previous seller until towards the end of December at $11990 for a mint original example in honest condition, I am open to offers around $7000, after a French specialist in Melbourne has since found rust in the rear end and a crease in the chassis rail at the front during a rwc check. At the price I paid for the car, I figured I was getting something that may need a little work here or there, not the amount I've been presented with, and I am currently in damage control trying to recoup my losses (while still losing a pile since the start of the year). The idea of the price is that the overall cost of the car/repairs by the buyer would be on par with a very good deal for a complete 205GTI in overwise very tidy condition. Cheaper again still if you can do the work yourself.

The car has seen local ownership with a few enthusiasts who have spent good money replacing various parts. It has just had a $700+ service at a reputable french mechanic in Sydney. The engine is strong and has genuinely surprised me with is pluckiness in my short ownership. The paint impressed me for a car its age and the panels are largely straight and blemish free. Up until Christmas the car has been stored indoors and never driven in the rain. Was also in underground carpark for a week in 2018 in my ownership. The interior is original with replacement material for the driver's seat (slight rip between leather side bolsters). The red carpets are vibrant and there are no hairline cracks in the dash. Oil pressure seems healthy and the car got me down from Sydney to Melbourne with no stress.

I have minimal photos to share as I'm putting it up for offers while the car is still at the garage (having an idle issue looked at which has been documented on this forum), I shall hopefully go through the documents and provide more photos and info on the engine rebuild (but I believe it was done at the 80000mile mark).

This is your chance to take advantage of my misfortune. You can make an offer if you like, but I'd rather not lose too much more on it. There is a limit to how low I'll go before I bite the bullet and repair it myself. Sadly a sour taste as I've lusted after one for so long and I thought I'd found it.

Cheers all!

For Sale: 1988 Peugeot 205 GTI-img_7153.jpgFor Sale: 1988 Peugeot 205 GTI-img_7147.jpgFor Sale: 1988 Peugeot 205 GTI-img_7152.jpg