Elderly friend who recently lost her husband wants to shed her husband's collection of mostly manual 505's. She no longer will drive manuals. Two manual Executives, one in top well loved condition the other has had some injection parts removed but not replaced, both have poor paint, one with series 2 mag wheels the other 14 inch Australian mags. One SR manual probably for parts, a rusty STI auto with oil in the water and 15 inch mags, an STI manual with some rust with 14 inch mags. If you already own a 505 Series 1 the total is many years of parts.These are located just out of Bundaberg but you will need to PM me for photos and contact details. Three of these are in sheds so good photos were hard to obtain.
It would be sad to see them scrapped but this will be their ultimate fate if no interest is shown. PS I am under strict orders that I "cannot" have any of them. I was a previous owner of the best of the bunch-the silver Executive.