I have a 1989 white 504 2.3l diesel style side ute I am considering selling.

Word of warning I am a strange bastard and I will not sell it to anyone I think will not respect it and take care of it.
i will personally deliver it anywhere in Australia and if the buyer is not happy or I am not happy with the buyer I will drive it home again. I have done it before.

it was imported from England in 1992 and I have had it since 1995. It has travelled 115000 miles so about 180000klms. Engine is non turbo and runs beautifully, same as gearbox and all running gear.

It recently had it a roadworthy (very extensive) replaced brake lining, clutch master cylinder, and most suspension bushes plus tie rods etc.

i have a couple of small dents that I will have removed along with a small amount of non structural rust in the right hand side sill panel.

Please send me a PM if interested in photos. Price $8200 firm.