2002 Renault Scenic Dynamique - still going, but probably for parts
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    Default 2002 Renault Scenic Dynamique - still going, but probably for parts

    I've had this car from new, and we are replacing it this week so it's got to go. The old girl is tired, has some body bumps and scrapes but has never been in a collision. Mechanically it needs front brakes, probably front shockers, the transmission is doing that solenoid bang thing, and something about bushes in the back end (can't recall what the repairer said.) Brake booster, rear brakes and power steering pump are a year old, rear shockers about three or so years old. Trade-in wasn't possible because I'm novating the new one.

    It's going well still. A year ago the local Euro repairer said it was still a viable car to repair, which I did, but now not so much, as I'm buying a new one and we have my husband's ute.

    I am gauging interest, if any. Price would be negotiable.


    Thank you

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    hi Cecile,

    users cannot reply to you in here, so you might be worth posting some photos / more detail here, otherwise make a post in the Renault section that can be replied to...

    Just letting you know.
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