SA Reg S334-BLO Currently registered.

Looking to sell my red 306 to fund a larger vehicle. This is my daily.
The car was bought from a Pug enthusiast who rebuilt the engine after a timing belt break. The engine is now sweet and punchy as it should be. The car is a joy to drive. It has 233000 km on it but is very tight. F/S '99 Peugeot 306XSi  manual in Adelaide-img_0545-small-.jpgF/S '99 Peugeot 306XSi  manual in Adelaide-img_0546-small-.jpgF/S '99 Peugeot 306XSi  manual in Adelaide-img_0547-small-.jpgF/S '99 Peugeot 306XSi  manual in Adelaide-img_0548-small-.jpgF/S '99 Peugeot 306XSi  manual in Adelaide-img_0551-small-.jpg

The paint is good with the exception of some peel on the hatch as shown in the photos.
Everything works with the exception of the clock which display an interesting set of segments instead of the time and temp.


Looking for around $2000 but am negotiable. PM me if interested.