It's a sad sad day. My Renault 19s have to go just weeks before club plates ... reason being our landlord is selling the house and the new place doesn't have room for five cars ... yep, FIVE cars ... a Renault Captur, Renault Scenic, two Renault 19s and a Nissan ... well the Nissan is sort-of Renault, right? OK, to business ... one 19 is a 1993 model and due for club plates in just three months. The other 19 is a 1994 which I've been using for parts. Having said that, when parts have been taken off the 1994 model for the 1993 model, the old part has been replaced on the 1994 ... in other words, put the fuel tank back and add a battery and the 1994 model will also be driveable!

1993 Renault 19:
Purchased from David at French Connection about 8 years ago, it has just under 170,000 genuine kms. This is very much a drivable vehicle and is registered and driven regularly. Midas in Ferntree Gully (known classic car enthusiasts at the time) went through this car with a fine tooth comb. Discs and hubs were replaced (courtesy Caravelle Imports and French Connection) as well as pads and linings; New drive boots & new starter motor and alternator were purchased from Europe via eBay.Timing belt replaced at 150,000 approx.Plenty of tread left on the Yoki's. Power steering is fine and aircon runs cold. Clutch shows no wear. Exhaust replaced 10,000 kms ago. Still to be fixed is to replace an engine mount (slight vibration when driving) & the headlight arm on the steering column (high beam doesn't work though does when "flashing") (parts can be taken from the other car, of course). A couple of minor rust spots at base of rear window and rear passenger side wheel arch, and the clear top coat is starting to lift on the passenger side front.


1994 Renault 19:
As mentioned above, replace the fuel tank (now sitting in the boot), add a battery and it's ready to go. This one has over 200,000 on the clock but drove beautifully when it was last driven 7 years ago. It has a BRAND NEW CLUTCH fitted by French Connection ... well, brand new 7 years ago but hasn't been driven since so still, theoretically, brand new ... right? Also front bumper assembly looks new. This has a reco alternator. Oh yeh ... the tyres are poor and flat.

Both these cars are hatch backs and white in colour (though slightly different shades).

I am not putting a price an these and will let you decide what you think they are worth ... I am genuinely sad to see them go and most important to me is that they are purchased by an enthusiast who will put in the time and effort and end up with an amazing 19, as had been my wish. At the same time, I don't wish to be "used" so please don't make ridiculous offers.

I'M HAPPY TO CONSIDER ANY TRADE OF VALUE (BUT NOT A CAR) IN FULL OR PART EXCHANGE. For example, do you have an iPad, iPhone, digital camera? ... or even a motorcycle (road bike) or scooter? Don't be shy, just let me know what you have in mind


LAST BUT NOT LEAST ... If you have undercover space where these cars could be stored long term, and at a very low cost (I'm a pensioner so not rich LOL), such would mean I could keep these cars. I do not care where you are located ... Bendigo, Ballarat, no problem ... as long as it is within Victoria.

I will post photos in the next week. As said, we have to vacate where we live so am busy packing.

Thank you for taking the time to read all this. Any questions, please ask.