Fs 1985 505 gti
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Thread: Fs 1985 505 gti

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    Default Fs 1985 505 gti

    For Sale 1985 Peugeot 505 GTI

    This is a great car, starts and runs like a dream. However it is a second car and I don't really have room for it.

    $3800 Neg.

    Selling as is. No reg, no RWC.

    290XXX kms.

    Has had service recently, including Oil, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Air Filter and Spark Plugs

    What I have replaced:
    Front discs
    Airflow Meter
    AFM hose (the one that always blows. I have replaced with a reinvented, more hard wearing hose)
    Front indicator lens
    Starter Motor
    Fuel pump
    Rear tyres (they've got about 300kms on them)
    Full Front end rebush, including sway bar bush, and rack ends.

    This car was on gas, however it backfired a lot so I removed the gas system, it now flies on petrol!

    Interior is great, no tears in any of the seats or anything like that, however the dash has a few holes in it from a map light, which I've removed.


    Contact via comment or pm

    Maybe this is the last time I'll have to fix it...

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    Bump and price drop. $3500

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