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Thread: 404 for sale

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    Default 404 for sale

    Unfinished Project..


    This 1967 404 has been in storage most of its life
    The mileage of 59,000 miles has to date been verified
    by people who know the vehicles history.
    Work to bring it to a roadworthy condition commenced early
    this year brake cylinders replaced, alternator fitted......
    but has faltered due to the owners illness.
    Currently a runner.. needs brakes bled, 2 replacement front indicator lights
    a replacement number plate light and some additional corrosion repair
    which is mostly complete..
    The car retains its original patina , meaning the paint ain't perfect
    Ideal for a charity bash or rally... or crossing the Sahara... : )

    Contact....Brian... 0468 406 785 or Greg .....0415 888 852

    Photos on Gumtree post...
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    SOLD....... to an enthusiast car collector

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