I drive a 206 GTI. It's OK but needs some TLC although all things are working well.

Anyways, I could continue to percevere with the 206 but I rather fancy a 205 (SI as a GTI is too expensive to justify for me) to motor around in, sort of classic-like. THere's a set of pepper pot wheels on Gumtree at the minute which would dress up a 1.6i SI nicely.

Your 205 must be road-registered and/or registerable. If you'd like to swap it for a 206 GTI (it goes rather nicely but no it's not a 180) then I'm happy to talk otherwise I'll inspect with a view to buying your 205 at fair value.


I don't mind mechanical gremlins up to the point of having to take the head off, but I hope that it runs and the interior and body are in good shape as I am afraid dealing with body repairs is something I don't enjoy dealing with.

Thanking you.