203 Decouvrable - free to good home
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    Default 203 Decouvrable - free to good home


    Here we have a rare Peugeot 203 Decouvrable...... one of 11,514 built.... how many remaining ??

    Limited history but apparently one of two originally based in Adelaide (Brighton) and purchased by Bianchi Motors back around 1965-70 and stored for many years but unfortunately not inside. Since then the Decouvrable has been resting sadly in a stone barn but the damage from the weather had previously set in and as you can see the rust is beyond repair.

    The lower section of the sills are strengthened larger than the Sedan but one option may be to remove the upper section of the car and place on a sedan body which could be strengthened in the sills etc. Check out the donor car option here.

    The car is based in the Adelaide hills if you are interested to inspect, along with the 1951 Sedan 203. If not then this car will be shipped away to the metal recyclers which will be a sad day. Just checking online now and there are two for sale at approx. $45K.

    Please PM if interested.


    203 Decouvrable - free to good home-203-decouvrable-1-.jpg203 Decouvrable - free to good home-203-decouvrable-10-.jpg203 Decouvrable - free to good home-203-decouvrable-9-.jpg203 Decouvrable - free to good home-203-decouvrable-8-.jpg203 Decouvrable - free to good home-203-decouvrable-7-.jpg203 Decouvrable - free to good home-203-decouvrable-6-.jpg203 Decouvrable - free to good home-203-decouvrable-5-.jpg203 Decouvrable - free to good home-203-decouvrable-4-.jpg203 Decouvrable - free to good home-203-decouvrable-3-.jpg203 Decouvrable - free to good home-203-decouvrable-2-.jpg203 Decouvrable - free to good home-203-decouvrable-11-.jpg
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