87 205 gti with blown head gasket for sale dark grey colour.
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    Default 87 205 gti with blown head gasket for sale dark grey colour.

    ok,I'm open to offers on my dark grey 1987 205 gti series 1
    the head gasket just went and I'm going to either part it out or sell it as a restorable car or a parts car for someone or maybe a rally project

    good points
    koni yellow adjust shocks all round
    eiback progressive rated front springs
    sparco strut brace
    sports air filter
    brand new battery 3 mnths old
    new lower control arms fitted 6 mnths ago
    new front tyres about 6 mnths ago
    rear shelf with no holes
    momo sports steering wheel
    15'' speed lines
    very rare rubber rear spoiler on rear hatch
    many many spares,seats,brakes,perfect glove box lid,and instrument surround(series 1)
    i also have the original series 1 indicator/wiper stalks
    rear lights with lenses
    front bumper with red insert
    air con parts
    brand new metal pipe used in the cooling system
    straight bonnet,front guards,grill,front lights,clear indicators and a spare set of yellow ones.
    front driving lights
    all doors are straight and rust free apart from a small shop trolley dent on drivers side and one on the guard.
    spare AFM

    bad points
    blown head gasket
    rear beam needs service
    surface rust on roof and sunroof ,clear coat peeling and paint needs attention.
    the paint on the sides and the doors and clear coat is fine
    front seats getting tired although there is a spare set
    sun roof has rust and needs new seal(aftermarket ,not oe)
    windscreen has huge crack
    carpet will come up ok with a steam clean
    parcel shelf drivers side under the dash is loose
    speedo needs new cog at the box to make it read correct,i have a new cog
    front bumper needs replacement
    needs handbrake cable(left cable)
    heater works but needs new hose inside the car to work,its bypassed at the moment.

    I've tried to be as honest as i can but may have miss some points,happy to talk turkey but please ,no low ball silly offers,id rather part it out.
    I'm pretty realistic about what it worth and happy to chat but not happy to haggle.
    I've got an idea of what i want for it ,once again a realistic number,which is far less than id get parting it out
    if your interested in looking at it,call to txt me
    I'm not online much so phone contact is easiest way to get me.


    ps rather than put up pics,its best to look at the car


    Im willing to take $1500 for the whole car or $1800 with all the spares.

    parts sold
    glove box lid,instrument surround,metal water pipe,strut brace
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