405 SRDT 1993 Manual Sedan
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    Default 405 SRDT 1993 Manual Sedan

    My 1993 405 SRDT manual sedan (my very first diesel) must go - after our 8 year affair!. It has fuel pump issues. The heart attack is coming, alas. Once going it's good but that's not good after all - is it? . The cost of fixing? Well it exceeds what I am prepared to pay out and I have 4 other babies to care for. The motor is sweet. Gearbox as typical for a 405. It drive still as it should - steering is direct and accurate. Suspension is wonderful. Etc. Etc.
    What a wonderful car is the 405!!
    I may need counseling after this.
    It has STI rims (I think?) with good rubber and looks great with them - have some spare "other" wheels and tyres to go with it. The interior is also good (bit of roof sag is beginning).
    Age problems typical - Central Locking seems to have a mind of its own like Holly from Red Dwarf. Electric mirrors in name only but they mean well and give encouraging shudders now and then when prompted ("I'm not dead yet").
    In the entire time I have had the 405, it has been serviced and maintained by a Peugeot Specialist garage on a regular basis and repairs done on their advice. (Secret hand shake and name exchange on sale)
    I also have a spare (not fitted) towbar.
    Note the genuine Peugeot roofbars.
    I would much prefer this to go to a Peugeot 405 interested party (read: Nursing Home for Peugeots) than the wreckers and be boiled down for glue and her entrails shamelessly sold off in public piece by piece (shades of the Revolution).
    Just fit a functional fuel pump or use her other well functioning organs to give life to another being. Everyone who owns a Peugeot knows they are sentient beings.
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    Of course in it's current state it has no Roadworthy.

    Wild target starting price? $500


    405 SRDT 1993 Manual Sedan-img_20170506_110853249_hdr.jpg405 SRDT 1993 Manual Sedan-img_20170506_110841994_hdr.jpg405 SRDT 1993 Manual Sedan-img_20170506_110819428.jpg

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