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    Default Registering interest: 2013 208 GTI

    Hi all,


    I'm a long time lurker; I joined back in my 505 days (many moons ago now!) and haven't been too active here since, but I tend to visit from time to time.

    Due to an impending international relocation, the time as come to sell what is literally my pride and joy, my second girlfriend... My 2013 Peugeot 208 GTI.

    Registering interest: 2013 208 GTI-208_gti_1.jpg Registering interest: 2013 208 GTI-208_gti_2.jpg

    I'm the second owner of the car; I purchased it around two years ago at 27,xxx km, and got to know the original owner quite well beforehand. He was fastidious, and I've continued that tradition. She has never missed a service; all services have been completed ahead of time due to the low number of Ks the car has driven. In the two-odd years I've owned her, she has only driven ~8,000kms; odometer now reads 35,xxx km. It's been a weekender car than anything, most of the distance travelled has been on the highway when my partner and I have taken weekend trips.

    The car has been modified; all of the work I've done myself in conjunction with a mechanic friend (with the exception of the remap which was loaded by Etuners). All parts to return the car to stock will be included, this includes instructions to return the car to the stock ECU map if desired.

    • Dark tinted windows - Performed by the original owner
    • Etuners stage 1 remap - A safe, conservative off-the-shelf map for 98 RON (95 can no longer be run in the car)
    • Airtec front mount intercooler - A must for these cars as air intake temperature is poorly managed by the standard unit
    • Mtec short shifter - This reduces shift throw by ~33%, and improves shift feel out of sight.
    • GFB DV+ diverter valve upgrade - To prevent the common issue of the DV diaphragm rupturing, which is known to happen over time even at standard boost levels
    • Pipercross performance panel air filter - Allows ~30% more airflow, to allow the engine to breathe better at higher RPM
    • Bridgestone RE003s - A great street performance tyre. These are ~1000km old, barely run in

    None of the modifications are visible, aside from the DV+ which hangs off the side of the turbo. To the uneducated observer, the car is stock. Fuel consumption (if you're kind on the accelerator) is very good; I was down in the Snowy Mountains region over the weekend and averaged 6.1 litres/100km over more than 1000kms of driving. Technically if driven gently, its more fuel efficient than stock due to the advanced timing that the remap allows.

    The car is as reliable as stock, drives like stock unless your foot is down, and I've never had any issues with it. All services are fully documented, and I'm happy to direct you to the mechanic who has looked after her.

    At this point in time I'm in no hurry to sell; I'd much rather wait for the right person who is interested in buying her for the right reasons. This is the first place I've advertised it as I'd much rather that she goes to a good home than somebody who may thrash the daylights out of her.

    I'm looking for around $18k given the modifications and the low mileage - but I'm open to negotiation.

    Test drives welcome, as are questions. More pics available on request. Thanks for reading.
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    '13 208 GTi



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