damaged 89 mi16 for sale
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    Default damaged 89 mi16 for sale

    I'am selling a 1989 series 1 peugeot 405 mi16 which has a damaged r/h rear quarter,
    also the bonnet is damaged this car is only good for parts has motor and box , doors , gaurds etc but interior gone but has some bits inside, has been sitting for a while and need it gone asap, colour of car is white , the engine needs rebuilding but the gearbox might be my old rebuilt 5 speed because when the car was written off before i bought it back off the insurance company a guy took out my engine and gave me his motor he also may have taken my box but if he didn't then its my rebuilt 5 speed in it.The front struts are gone too, but has rear beam and rear wheels.
    for sale for $200
    ph 0402 617 651 or text
    If you want it you'd have to pick up whole car as i can't seperate.
    thanks .

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