Hi All,

I am looking to buy a peugeot 504 and thought this would be a good place to start,

Preference :
Sedan but may consider a wagon too
Good honest condition
Sunroof is a plus
Original condition is what I am after please

I am in Adelaide but willing to travel for the right car, so please if you have a 504 that your selling or would consider selling and want it to go to a good home some one that will love her and treat her well please give me a call on 0401 910 422 any time

Thank you all in advance
All your help is very much appreciated

Want to buy Peugeot 504 !!!-504-11454.jpgWant to buy Peugeot 504 !!!-1981-peugeot-504.jpgWant to buy Peugeot 504 !!!-1970-peugeot-504-.jpg