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    Default Seeking Diesel Wagon

    Greetings from Guam. I'm planning a long Aussie road trip and am looking for a diesel wagon. I've used Peugeot and Citroen diesel wagons before in Europe for trips and want to find out what's aviaalble in Australia. My previous Aussie road trip was with a thirsty Ford Falcon wagon. Did Citroen sell the early-1990's BX wagon diesel in Australia?


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    Hi Skippy,

    As Citroen never sold any diesels officially in Oz (until the Xantia), diesel BXs are something between hen's teeth and rocking horse poo around here! I think there is one wagon in Wollongong.

    There were diesel Pug 505 sedans, but oddly I don't think I've ever seen a 505 diesel wagon, although I could be wrong there. There are 405 diesel wagons, but you will be paying a premium for one of them, I suspect.

    Youl'd be better off getting a cheap petrol 505 or BX wagon - heaps better than any Falcodore.

    Paul Smith

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    Hi Skip
    BX wagons were only officially imported for the 1989 model year and all were petrol powered. Dont think there were a huge number sold unfortunately. Diesel BX's are all private imports. As far as I know there is one turbo diesel hatch in Sydney somewhere and my series 1 NA diesel wagon down here in the soggy Illawarra. You have the right track though, makes a brilliant touring car with no worries about buying dodgy fuel in the boonies or on trips between capital cities, at least on the east coast.
    There were a few 405 diesels brought out but they seem to be pretty rare on the market.

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