2005 Renault Megane Sport CUP - significant upgrade
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    Default 2005 Renault Megane Sport CUP - significant upgrade

    The car is a 2005 Phase I Megane II Sport Cup with significant upgrades and making very consistent high power.

    Much lower kilometres than most Megane sports Phase II's on carsales - approx 80,000 km

    I will answer any questions in detail via phone or PM.

    The price is for the car as is - spares listed are negotiate. And I can also remove parts to reduce the price.

    2005 Renault Megane Sport CUP - significant upgrade-gallery_16296_119_10547.jpg
    2005 Renault Megane Sport CUP - significant upgrade-gallery_16296_119_44516.jpg
    2005 Renault Megane Sport CUP - significant upgrade-gallery_16296_119_779312.jpg
    2005 Renault Megane Sport CUP - significant upgrade-gallery_16296_119_860933.jpg
    2005 Renault Megane Sport CUP - significant upgrade-gallery_16296_119_1745773.jpg
    2005 Renault Megane Sport CUP - significant upgrade-post-16296-0-18224300-1460968628.jpg
    2005 Renault Megane Sport CUP - significant upgrade-post-16296-0-30578200-1461071127.jpg
    2005 Renault Megane Sport CUP - significant upgrade-post-16296-0-87275300-1461071304.jpg


    Approx 80,000 km.
    Phase II Megane facelift including bumper, grills and headlights
    Fog light delete for weight saving with brake ducting from fog-light delete
    Race side mirrors - weight saving.
    R26R polycarbonate rear window

    Forged engine
    Forged engine built from zero (0) kilometre brand new engine
    New valves and springs
    Valves hand lapped
    New big end bearings
    New main bearings
    New oil pump and oil jets
    Wossner forged pistons
    Forged rods
    ARP rod bolts
    MLS head gasket
    Also have a spare engine.

    Turbo and exhaust
    Custom 3" exahust system with single exit rear and light weight muffler
    3" K-tec dump pipe
    Stage 2 hybrid turbo from Turbo Dynamics in the UK.
    Manual boost controller
    High boost turbo actuator - adjusted for current tune.
    Wideband O2 sensor
    Silicon turbo intake
    Pod air filter

    Engine accessories
    630cc Siemens Deka Injectors
    Airtec Intercooler - Black
    Walbro 500hp fuel pump - currently not installed
    1-litre oil catch can.
    Air-con compressor delete - weight saving
    Air-con lines deleted - space saving
    Spare air-con compressor and lines - easy to refit.
    Small race battery
    Oil filter sandwich plate & front mount oil cooler


    Drive and Suspension
    Quaife ATB differential
    Short shift gear linkage Solid flywheel
    Solid upper, gearbox and lateral engine mounts
    K-tec upgraded control arm mount
    Koni yellow sport suspension
    Camber adjustable top-hat
    H&R blue lowering springs
    Spare Cup OEM suspension
    Spare Cup OEM springs
    Spare front control arms left and right
    Spare front hubs and bearings - left and right.
    Spare driveshafts
    Spare OEM clutch

    Wheels and Brakes
    3 sets of wheels!
    Original 18" Cup/R26 wheels - no tyres
    Volvo 17" track wheels with R-competition tyres
    EVOcorse 17" white lightweight track wheels with R-competition tyres
    80mm extended wheel studs with matching wheel nuts
    Bremo calipers recently rebuilt/serviced - race pistons
    Currently has Mintex front pads
    Near new front grooved rotors
    Also have about 2 sets of spare front rotors.
    Rear pads I will have to recall brand

    Flocked dashboard - black
    Custom front light-weight door cards with black felt.
    Door cards have original door handle and window controls
    Rear door electric window delete - with manual winders.
    Defi "Racer" central mount boost gauge
    Wiring for race kill switch - not connected

    Car is in Perth. I can help arrange transport - usually ~$1000 to the east of Australia.

    -Engine alone was $5400-
    Was asking $15000
    Now asking $13800 ono
    0430 478 740
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