Car 1: 1984 505 STi 2.2l 5 speed manual. Very good condition. Drives well. No rust. 248,000 km. In our family for over 10 years. Well maintained. Good paint. Unusual Ďarmy greení colour with green interior. GTi 15 inch alloy wheels. Tyres half worn. A/C working. Registered and roadworthy. Last used for a couple of years by our son who fled the country to California last May where I conducted his wedding last July and where he now lives. $2,000 neg. which goes to him.

Car 2: 1984 505 SR 2.0l auto. Good condition. No rust. Drives well. Mileage unknown due to faulty speedo when I bought it 4 years ago. Speedo repaired before I put car on the road. ĎKermit greení paint. Was light metallic green which went off and was repainted by previous owner. Needs a good polish. Tyres half worn. A/C not working. Currently registered but selling unregistered. Only needs drive shaft boots (supplied) and lower front control arm bush (also supplied). Exhaust system good but has a leak on either the flange gasket or front engine pipe. Not serious. Body and interior good except for the typical cracked dash. $1,000 neg. Must be gone by end of April or it goes to the wreckers even though itís too good to wreck.


Parts: Most mechanical parts and removable body panels from 1985 505 GTi Executive. The gearbox died and the engine block had a crack at the rear and leaked oil badly. I still have the (very good) head, manifolds, computer, radiator, A/C condenser etc, plus many other 505 spares accumulated over the past 10 years. Includes 4 x 15 inch GTi alloy wheels, 5 x 14 inch Aunger alloy wheels, a set of steel wheels, towbar, boot lid with factory GTi spoiler. To clinch a deal Iíll throw all these in with either of the two cars above. I just want them all gone and some shed space back for my Citroen DS 23s.

If anyone wants both cars and the spares, $2,500 or reasonable offer will win the deal. Both cars and all the parts are under cover and located in Crows Nest, 40k north of Toowoomba, Queensland. Call me on 0427 372 238 or pm me. Iím not interested in selling individual parts. Complete cars and parts bundle only. Photos available on request.