My lovely maroon and black Charleston is for sale. It was imported from UK a few years ago and has been lovingly restored, including removal of rust and welding in new metal, complete respray, compliance to Australian standards with an ACT engineering certificate, rebuilt seats with new seat covers and door trims, and significant work to bring it up to scratch reconditioned heads , replaced king-pins, wheel bearings, light/horn switch, new tyres, rims, hubcaps and other parts. Not quite a full restoration but close to it, and now a head-turning, functional and reliable car, with full registration in ACT. Happy to provide further photos, and to deliver as far north as Newcastle. Price: $18,500 Phone Chris 0407664843

Citroen 2cv for sale-rsz_1charleston_5.jpgCitroen 2cv for sale-rsz_1charleston_6.jpgCitroen 2cv for sale-rsz_2charleston_4.jpgCitroen 2cv for sale-rsz_3charleston_3.jpgCitroen 2cv for sale-rsz_charleston_1.jpgCitroen 2cv for sale-rsz_charleston_2.jpg