This car has been a great workhorse for me, it's done about a dozen trips to melbourne, carried so much junk around and never missed a beat.

It's a 1984 model, "cascade blue" (metallic sky blue) sedan with blue tweed interior. 365,000 kms on the clock, but goes like the day it was made.

Engine has been fitted with a Weber carb, and combined with the electronic ignition that is fitted to all SR's and the sports exhaust i've fitted, the 2 litre motor pulls like a train and is very economical (about 600kms per tank around town, 850 on the highway). I've also fitted a crude but effective cold air induction. (note that all the anti pollution gear has been removed.... oh, did i say that? )

5 speed manual gearbox is of the BA/7 variety (the one everyone seems to be looking for )

I've just fitted it with a brand new set of Bridgestone tyres, cant remember what sort they are but they stick like sh*t to a blanket, cost about $130 each?


Car has a series 2 505 GTi stereo in it, cruise control, plus all the normal extras like central locking, power steering, electric windows, tacho, 14x5.5 inch wheels (wider than GR, handles better ), and then there's all the little things that i've done to make it more user friendly..... 130 watt headlights, seat covers, dash mat, tow bar, steering wheel cover, and all the other little bits and pieces that you do over time.

Basically i really dont want to get rid of this car, but i have run out of room and cant afford to keep 4 cars registered any more, especially when i can only drive one at a time, and right now with a broken leg i cant drive any of them.

This car isn't a terrific looker, the paint is faded on the roof and the driver's door is a different colour (silver), and isn't without it's fair share of parking lot dents, but it's perfect to drive, economical, powerful, SA registered till June and a bargain at $1800.