Hello - I've got 2 GS sedans (manual) that have to go.

1/ OGXGB14GB32810 - Club 1220 BLUE - '74
2/ OGXGB44GB1780 - Pallas 1220 BROWN with factory sunroof - '76

Both cars are straight, go well and stop well. Clutches and synchros are all good. The brown one has rust in the tailgate (a good spare is provided) and some in the passenger side floor (outer skin so easy to get at). It would make an ideal restorer. The blue one is good rustwise and would make an ideal hack for fanging around. It needs some electrical work however - something keeps draining the battery overnight. A good sparky should be able to sort it out. Batteries not included.


If not offloaded by May 2004 they'll be stripped for parts and dumped. GOING CHEAP so don't stuff around - hop to it!

Sorry no pics. Cars in Brisbane.

Phone 33117011 for details.