SYD: 1978 Citroen GSpecial (with pics)
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    Default SYD: 1978 Citroen GSpecial (with pics)

    1978 Citroen GSpecial

    Pale Blue
    Blue interior
    4 speed man
    1130 cc motor (Private import)
    Has dashboard with glovebox lid.
    203000 miles
    Good tyres (165 Mich front/145 Mich rear)
    New front brakes pads
    Reconditioned CV's
    Regassed spheres by Bruce Elsegood last month
    QLD Rego (562 HLS) until December 04
    Located in Eastern Suburbs Sydney
    Comes with a Service Manual and logbook of ownership from previous owner.
    Has a towbar.

    Selling due to strange electrical issue that has popped up again lately. I thought I solved this by rewiring the ignition barrel but the other night it blew another fuse. Lights, motor all go out. I don't have the time or the expertise to fix this problem but hopefully someone out there does. This car has otherwise been a reliable and fun daily driver since I bought it in December. Previous owner used this car as a daily driver for 5 years.

    The ignition barrel was replaced by previous owner but original was left in so the steering wouldn't lock. I havn't swapped the barrels over as I havn't had to the time to work out how to do it. You can see a picture of current setup below.

    Price - $1000 neg (including QLD rego till Dec04)


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    That's a shame Brenno. Maybe you should get a Xantia Wagon next?

    I can confirm that this is a SWEET car. I hope it goes to a good home.

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    heya brendan.

    you might have a buyer here... let me see if i can find some money, its exactly what im looking for.
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